2009 - The year that was

It is that time of the year again when you look back at the year that passed you by leaving you a year older by age, richer by memories and wiser by experience.So as I sit here counting the last few days of 2009 here is a look back.....

1st Jan - The new year could not have been more disastrous. But I promised myself that I would fight my way out of my personal mess and uncertainty of my student life and would not let it affect me as an individual.

16th Jan - Day 1 for placements at ISB and I landed up the job I wanted to get into. It was the culmination of the dreams that started in December 2006. I realized that just when you achieve the thing you wanted for a long long time, it doesn't feel as ecstatic as you thought it would. Human mind they say is insatiable...not without reason.But this was the first day in 2 months I laughed and cried in joy...and in pain!!!

8th April - Graduation Day at ISB and one of the proudest days in my life. Getting the Torchbearer award and being able to dedicate it to my parents on stage while they were watching must have been one of the most emotional moments for me. Graduation also meant that the amazing year at ISB was coming to an end. The memories I had made would last a lifetime but for now it was time to bid goodbye to guys who were by you through the tough times, who shared the joy, the pain and all the fun. The COBRA(my close friends group at ISB which had cult following at ISB CO09) dinner with parents was something to cherish. To cap it off the banner at the ISB gate as we left "Best of Luck CO 2009: Real Life awaits outside"...so apt as each of us would realize in the coming months.

3rd May - After the mayhem of ISB, all of a sudden I was at home and had a lot of spare time. Decided to put it to good use by travelling alone. Idea was to take a trip on my own, lazy experience. I booked my tickets to Mumbai and just as I thought spend 2 days reading, watching the landscape outside, eating at various stations and making friends with my co passengers. Mumbai was always a city I wanted to visit and it was really fun. Met up with friends, spent an entire evening with a close friend in Marine drive, had dinner at Jazz By the Bay, ice cream at Naturals and a train ride back at 1 AM at night. Mumbai really rocks when i comes to safety of its citizens. Met up with ISB buddies and watched Viren play in Bandra tournament and then midnight meet up at Carter road licking gelatos and wishing for the ISB days to come back. The only unexpected part of the trip was the auto accident I had on 3rd May when it overturned and I was extremely fortunate to get away with bruised shoulder muscle and swollen temple. It took me the rest of the 1 month of vacation to recover.

25th May - Employed again!!!! and doesn't it feel good. After all the pain of the last 1.2 years watching your monetary reserves dwindle, it was finally time to see some inflow. Met up with 14 of the brightest minds of the country from the Creme de la Creme B schools in India. The ADS batch 09 was born.

12 July - I am still not sure if it is important enough to go in here

15th August - COBRA reunion in Delhi. Another city I had not been to for a long long time. Had loads of fun with late night drinking and card sessions. Lunch and dinner at Oh Calcutta and the ambiance at CR Park Kalibari still remains fresh. Had a close brush with the real Delhi with a cabbie almost ripping me off for Rs 700 for a trip from South Delhi to Gurgaon. Witnessed desi nari power at its best to rescue me!!!!

26th October - Everything is not as they seem. For someone who always lives by his words, trusts people on face value and looks at world in Black and White, realized that most people are predominantly Grey. And when you are on the wrong side, the grey appears black. Patience is a key in life but I guess sometimes even the most patient of people lose it. Although a misplaced trust is a very disappointing feeling as some of you will testify, only with time you realize that you need to reconcile with people, circumstances as they are and move on.

25th November - Landmark birthday and end of a decade!!! Spent it at home alone. It was my last night in Bangalore and I was feeling nostalgic as well. The last 6 months in the city, I had really started liking it. The weather, the routine, the beautiful Infy campus all grows on you and you do not realize it.

29th November - Leaving for the US again. Emotional last couple of days at home with parents. My nomadic life continues and again new place, new environment, new life. Personal life shows no signs of settling down.

11th December - Bought a brand new Black 2010 Toyota Camry. Although the BMW of my dreams still lies out there at large, this is definitely a good start. First time I felt pampered and experienced a sense of achievement and success in life. I wish I would have shared the moment with people who matter the most...But I guess not every wish is granted in life........

With that, I sign off another chapter of life. I very eventful one to say the least.
I want to wish you and your family a wonderful New Year and hope it fulfills all your wishes!!!! When in doubt just say "All izz well"