Holiday Season

I am sure that Durga Pujo is one occasion which binds all bengalis and runs through their hearts. And what I have realized over the years is that the moe you become a probashi staying out of bengal, more nostalgic you get and more particular you become of not missing it. Durga Pujo marks the occasion of homecoming of Devi Durga but it also is the time of homecoming of countless bengalis to their roots and to their loved ones.

As I prepare to spend a pujo with family afte 6 years, one look around me at the Bangalore airport and its clear that pujo is here. The other day I was reading that this weekend close to 50,000 people are expected to travel out of Bangalore and I am sure most of them would be bengalis heading home. Anyways I am happy as you can probably guess from the incoherence of this post. Also I am pleasantly surprised at the ease of accessing the WIFI at bangalore airport...Somethings in India seems to have changed for the better afer all...Hope it is a sustainable one. See you all after I get back from vacation. The vacation promises to be eventful in more ways than one and I am sure I will have things to share once I am back. Ciao

Happy Teachers Day

Yesterday was teacher's day and I thought to myself that there used to be a time when this day meant so much to me. I mean I still remember when in school going with cards, flowers and showing my love and respect for the teachers who helped shape us into successful individuals today. I thought it would be nice to dedicate a post to the teachers in my life whom I remember and hold a special place.

Mrs. Samal (Class Teacher Class 2 - St Michael's School) - One of the teachers who believed in my potential as a student. My parents still are indebted to her for her advice on how to take care of my studies.

Mrs. Mousumi Chatterjee (Class Teacher Class 4 - St.Michael's School) - She was one teacher I was very close to in school. I still remember visiting her place with my dad and meeting her family. Recently I heard from an acquaintance that she was inquiring about how I was doing but I have been unable meet her in a long long time.Something I need to make right.

Mrs. Nandini Bannerjee (Chemistry Class 7-9 - St. Xaviers School) - Developed my love for Chemistry. She was extremely caring towards students and a fantastic teacher.

Mrs. Malini Ramdas (Physics Class 7-10 - St.Xaviers School) - There would be hardly anyone who studied in Durgapur Xaviers in early nineties and did not adore her. She was grace personified and her command over Physics was unparalleled. Professional in her approach, she knew how to lighten the class with her classic one-liners. She left Durgapur after our batch and I last heard she is teaching somewhere in Mumbai.

Mrs. Gita Mitra (Bengali Class 8-10 - St. Xaviers School) - A mother figure, she was someone who used to travel in the same bus as I did. Loved me like her son. It was a shock when I heard she expired a couple of years back. I hope her sould rests in peace.

Mrs. Neeta Bannerjee (Class Teacher Class 8-10 - St.Xaviers School) - She was possessive about me and the fact that I was the topper in the batch from her class. Someone who would push me to achieve more.

Mr. Debesh Chatterjee (Private Tution Class 7-8) - He was more a grandfather to me than my teacher. He was retired from service and used to guide me in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The discussions we used to have, time we spent together were just priceless. He expired of heart attack when I was in Class 8. It was an immense shock and I still remember the day he was being taken away for cremation. I did not know how to cry but I remember, deep down I felt an excruciating pain.

Mr. Jibon Banerjee (Statistics Class 11-12 ) - One of the finest teachers I have studied under. The way he made a boring subject like statistics interesting is just unbelievable. Although our first interaction was not ideal with me being thrown out of class for side-talk in front of boys and girls (Statistics was a combined class), our relationship only went one way - upwards. Not only did he love me for being exceptionally good in Stats, he was kind enough to offer his services of correcting my practice papers for 12th before the actual examination. Along with the principal, I am indebted to him for believing in me and providing me the extra support before 12th to help me secure a state merit rank.

Mr. SP Ghosh (Physics Tution Class 10-12) - Someone who solved IE Irodov(the bible for IIT Physics) with effortless ease. Someone who told that each of us in his class should get through the IIT/Roorkee/JEE entrance or he would send them to exile in Andaman. He later went on to become the Director of NIT Durgapur but he really helped us negotiate IIT Physics. Incidentally, none of the guys from our batch had to be sent to exile and most are phenomenally successful in their own careers.

Mr Manas Hira (Theory of Computer Science BE College) - He was one of the wittiest persons I have seen. Himself a bachelors and masters from IIT KGP, he had diverse talents like writing poems, singing et al. Fantastic programmer himself, I remember learning a lot during our stint together in Bangalore at Truedisk in the summer of 2001.

Dr. Mrs Uma Bhattacharya (Compilers and Project Guide BE College) - She was my project guide in final year of engineering. She had an idea which I believed in and wanted to make it a success. The effort was worth it and the outcome extremely rewarding. My final year project paper on Fibre Optic Network Optimization, co-authored with her was selected for presenting at the IEEE Tencon 02 conference in Beijing. She was gracious enough to offer me the chance to go to Beijing for the presentation but I was not able to make it due to work commitments.

Mr. Dishan Kamdar (Negotiation Analysis Associate Dean ISB) - Voted the best professor at ISB in our year. And this is no mean thing when you have professors from Harvard, Kellogs, London Business School, Wharton, Insead and all. His hilarious jokes and practical examples of explaining negotiation circumstances are something each student cherished. One of the classes I would love to do all over again if I get a chance.

Parents - Finally last but not the least, I am indebted to my parents for being the best teachers for me. To be patient with me and teach me the values of life, help me with my studies, persevere though the difficult times and teach me the meaning of being successful.

I do not want to say that I am not indebted to lot of other teachers that I have learnt from over the years. This was just a small attempt to mention some of them.