Doing Nothing

When I close my eyes, I can literally relive the hectic pace at ISB...the cacophony, the friends, the deadlines, the exams, the club activities - everything just whizzes past like one super fast train. And then I open my eyes and the reality strikes. I really dont have anything to do the whole day apart from enjoying the delicacies that mom is dishing out and the unbearable 40+ degree heat that mother nature dishing out. I talk to my friends and the same withdrawal symptoms are evident to all. It is just but natural I guess.

The O week at ISB was a lot of fun. But the last day was really sad and painful. I mean that was the time it really really struck me that the campus will not be ours anymore. A new bunch of guys will take it over and make it a year of their life. Anyways I tried to drink my way out of the senti mood and things just got worse on 18th night. I cried in public and I don't even remember the countless guys who tried to console me that night. Bottomline I had a blast the entire year and made some of the best frinds ever and I miss them all [sigh sigh sigh]. It feels nice to read your own posts to relive your own experiences. I felt that life has come a full circle when I read my own post " Orientation week ends at ISB" of last year.

I met some really interesting(and beautiful) people at ISB from the current batch. People unsure about what to expect from ISB, people confused about career options, people just plain simply overawed at life in general at ISB. My only advice to them was to just enjoy life and make some friends for life and everything else would fall into place. I am sure everyone of you will do just fine. And if any of you need any gyaan just reach out to me and I would be happy to help.

O week at ISB

Ok guys lot has happened since my last post.

  • I was proud to graduate on 4th and have my parents be present for the awards and the graduation ceremony.
  • I partied the whole night on 4th while parents could not sleep due to the loud party music (even though it happened far from my room)
  • Went back home with my parents on 5th and spent some of the most lazy days of my life. Suffered withdrawal symptoms from no work, lack of pace, lack of excitement
  • Back to ISB on 10th April and would stay on till 19th morning for the orientation of CO 2010
  • The CO 2010 is another fantastic bunch of individuals and I was really impressed in my brief interaction with some of them at their energy and enthusiasm levels. I am sure they will take brand ISB to greater heights
  • The campus however isnt the same anymore. The memories of the place come back...same places occupied by new faces and it feels so strange. Anyways I miss the last year and the amazing friends I had
  • I am clueless as to what I would do at home till end of May when I start work...I think I will have to give my travel plans some serious thoughts

Anyways that is that. Once I am home and get my internet, maybe I will attempt to write some nice fancy post. Till then take care :)