Trip to Blore

Another of the mega breaks from blogging. The only thing I have to say is that Term 3 is over. Most of us did not realize what hit us specially in the last 2 weeks of the term. Well it did end as all good things do and then it left a huge void in my life. A void exacerbated by the fact that all three of my quad mates decided to take a break from campus. The next three days were one of the longest and loneliest that I have spent at ISB. And I can tell you that if I did not have loads of work of my club, it would have been really bad. However the one good decision I took was to make plans to visit my friends in Bangalore over the weekend. It was something to look forward to and and it did not disappoint a bit.

Two significant revelations from the trip. This was the first time I was traveling through the new Hyderabad and Bangalore airports and both of them are pleasant departures from the railway station like boring and stoic look and feel of the other existing airports of India. The second significant thing of the trip was the fact that I did not have to negotiate the infamous Bangalore traffic on either of the days I stayed there. I must mention my friend AM and his wife MM for the impeccable hospitality and warm reception extended to me during my visit. I know that its natural considering that he is one of my best friends but in these days when things change so fast and old relationships give way newer models, we found that we had not deviated away much from our college days. We could still laugh at small insignificant things, share the odd joke and discuss practical issues. MM is a nice girl and I had some of the most amazing home cooked food I have had in two months. Who otherwise takes the hassle to make me luchi at 12 in the night after we all reached their place from the Bangalore airport. Ohhh I forgot to mention, my friend got a brand new Honda City and it is his first love at the moment. His wife probably sees the same attention being given to the car now that used to be her before.

Anyways met up with a lot of other friends from from college. Had loads of adda (Bengali of pure idle gossip) on the Saturday and watched the horribly crappy Singh is King at night.The next day, we had lunch at BBQ Nation and I visited my school friends place. I met another couple of friends all of whom I was meeting after 8-9 years. We discussed school, childhood crushes and adolescent pranks. It was the first time after joining ISB that I laughed so much. Anyways all in all a memorable trip. Unfortunately no pictures since I forgot to take my camera. MM took a couple but I have not got them yet. Ohh yaa the best highlight of the trip was the fact that on both my flights the adjacent seat was vacant in spite of the flight being reasonably full. Talk about being lucky :D

From now on I have been chosen to blog on the ISB official blog which would be launched within a month. Watch this space for more updates on that.