Wish You all Happy Durga Pujo!!!!!

Half down Half to go...

Term 4 was one of the most crazy rides here at ISB. It came and went by and I am still coming to terms with it with a slight fever and runny nose. After the carnage called Term 3 we thought Term 4 would be better. Better it was, but not quite in the way we imagined. Well let me remember and share with you the historic Term 4.

1) Term 4 was the only term in ISB which is 5 weeks long instead of the regular 6 weeks to accommodate a longer term break for project work (ELP). So what that means is that the craziness of a regular term was fitted into a week less of time.

2) Term 4 also meant renewed interest in extra curricular activities. Club organized sessions, speaker talks, challenges, competitions, B plans and the like made out of class extremely hectic.

3)Term 4 meant a good achievement for my club with the first Product Management workshop by Google organized at the ISB participated by about 310 students.

4) Term 4 meant a crazy subject called Government Society and Business where our section achieved a historic feat of giving themselves their own grade. To read more about this 3.3 moment as we called it refer to Prashant's blog at

5) Term 4 also saw a lot of action (for lack of a better word) at Wall Street. Aspiring i-Bankers watched in horror as the industry became history. The future managers of the corporate world watched the birth of the US Navaratnas(the name I coined for state controlled AIG).

6) Term 4 saw Mamata putting a gun on Ratan Tata's head driving him out from Singur and thus pushing Bengal to stone age.

7) Term 4 had 3 birthdays of my close friends at ISB and I got flung into the pool with them thrice in 5 days.

8) Term 4 meant a lot of expensive phone calls to exotic european cities like Paris, London, Zurich, Venice, Berlin, Rome and I dont know where else...

9) Term 4 meant not partying after end terms and lying in bed with flu.

10) Term 4 meant finally getting to go stay at home with parents during Durga Pujo

With this I am halfway there...50% MBA

A few snaps from Viren's bday party and the 3.3 party