Time to bid Goodbye to Bangalore

When I moved to Bangalore this May, little did I know that I would be staying here only 6 months. But wow...what a eventful 6 months it has been. The lovely weather, the nice Infy campus, the routine of office, home, friends, parties all meant that there was no dearth of excitement. So as I prepare to move again in search of "greener" pastures, I have mixed feelings. I am a pro at relocation but it still feels that I leave a part of me in each city I have stayed. Thinking about it, I think it is the memories - friends I have made, things I have done, the mental phases I have been through....everything combines to create this feeling.

Bangalore gave me an opportunity to reconnect with friends after 10-12 years, continue to party and have fun with the crazy batch mates at ISB, meet new people whom I had never met before and some probably I will never meet again. All experiences which I am sure I will recollect as I settle into another life. Special mention to my roomie who still amazes me with his organizational ability and wonderful talent of bargaining, my cubie and good friend SD with whom I spent hours discussing turbulence of life both professional and personal, SB for topping the list of ISB parties attendance, VS for giving me company at times when I felt really down and a few others who influenced my life in one way or other and left a mark...

I am not sure if my next post is going to be from home or California but as I embark on another journey..wish me luck... :)