Technology Savvy

I never pride myself on being technology fact my girlfriend considers me to be retarded in use of latest gadgetry and technology. I am in IT and i keep abreast with the latest technological innovations but am not geeky and dont go out to get and use those items as they get released to the masses.

However this weekend was different. I was returning from my friends place in Bay area in a bus and i did something which made me technologically proud. I was able to use the free wifi internet which was available in the bus free of cost, use my latest iPod Touch to connect to Orkut, expand the screen with the touch of my finger and type out a scrap to someone to pick me up from the bus stop with the screen touchpad (This was important since i did not have the mobile phone with me and i needed to connect with this friend of mine or i would be stranded at the bus stop).
I know many of you will scoff at this and say so what? what is the BIG deal...i know i know..but i feel good about it and also about the fact how technology is so deep rooted in our day to day lives in US. Having stayed year for almost 4 years now, i am definitely going to miss some of these subtle aspects back in India. But then its ok, new place, new challenge and scope for new experiences...Thats what is called excitement!!!!