Bangalore Update 2

Well finally.....I got my laptop and am back online....phew...checking mails from iPod touch for the last 2 weeks was a real pain in the neck. Anyways from now on I intend to be regular in blogging. Man it feels nice!!!!

Last weekend was eventful. Had a sumptuous lunch at Oh Calcutta with my school friends and on Sunday a couple of my ISB mates led by MB called me over for a wonderful English breakfast with sausages, ham, scrambled eggs, toast, fresh cut fruits and cold coffee. Yummy to say the least. Anyways we also happened to watch a hindi movie called 99. Not great but it was good fun and a good thing to watch without taxing your brain at all.

Work now has settled into a routine. Getting used to waking up at 6:00 AM and sitting through a lot of information dump. Anyways life is not perfect and working never was meant for enjoyment. The only variation was last week Mysore off site. It was a nice trip for a couple of days. The Mysore campus is just awesome and it really blows you away by the sheer size and scale of it. And it is not that I have not seen the world and have not been to good campuses. Apart from the team building activities during the day, one of the best bonding sessions was when we hit a pub called The Road. The place was nice and the decor reminded me of Pulp Fiction since the similar open cars and bikes were part of the seating area. After a couple of drinks we hit the dance floor and had a lot of fun with some House music and on my request we played the Official ISB anthem "My dream is to fly so high..." Remembered the awesome parties we used to have at ISB. Miss them and miss the wonderful set of friends I had. Anyways can't wait for Solstice when I can be back on campus again.

Bangalore weather is really wonderful. I am really in love with it, especially after having faced the sultry heat of Kolkata summer. No wonder people hate moving once they have settled here. So it goes into my list of probable places to settle down when I decide to. Ok 2 more days and another weekend beckons. Once you have got over Wednesday, the mind fills up with renewed hope of another memorable weekend. Till then Ciao....