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10:41 PM


This is a small request. I dont know how many of have emerged unscathed from what has been happening all around. But at least it has left with people in apparently sexy professions in third world countries with lots of one thing - time, and I am pointing to the mirror.

In this midst, I am trying to keep the flame of creativity alive. So all those who have been lethargic to write thinking that no one has ever published it, I am requesting if you would be interested to write on unedit open forum.

The theme is "taking life a little less seriously" and you can send in anything you want to (write ups, photographs, sketches etc). The idea as of now is a pilot run to gauge how regular contributors would be. The work for designing a website for the same is on and as and when it takes some form of shape would share with you for your feedback.

As of now I am trying for as diverse a group of contributors as I can. As you would agree, disgruntled, without job people like me really cant boast of a diverse network and hence if you can spread the word around it would obviously do a world of good. Diversity among writers is sought in terms of profession, gender, marital status (the missus is urged to write more!), age, region of residence (gives more idea on things we generally dont know). Also you are more than welcome to write anonymously if you are really sought after in some part of the world.

Hence, if you could please put closer thought to this would be more than useful. Questions - shoot.